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An appeal for Musthi Dan (Donation or a fistful of grain) Today Lions Sarvodaya Senior Citizen Home has reached a stage in which it has been able to establish a self sufficient old-age home, currently availing facility to 20 elderly people to begin with; a library; a meditation hall; guest rooms; office rooms etc. When we flash back where we started few years back, we believe that this is an important milestone together we achieved in a considerable short span of time owing to your continuous support, guidance and best wishes to Sarvodaya. We are highly indebted to all our supporters and well-wishers and would like to thank all of you personally from the bottom of our hearts! However, while there is a considerable achievement, there are a large number of things yet to be done by Lions Sarvodaya Senior Citizen Home to manifest it’s entire dream into reality. Currently, we are facing a funding gap to sustainably run the Home despite of our efforts of meeting some needs of dairy products, vegetables, food grains etc by agriculture farming. One of the funding modality thought of bridging the funding gap gradually over time is musthi dan. The musthi dan is a daily donation of a fistful of grain or Re1 in equivalence whichever is convenient to the donor. In another words, donation of Rs365 per year is the essence of musthi dan in short. Alternately, for the ease of donation, a donor may wish to donate Rs.4,000 at one go and become a life-member of musthi dan not only for the entire life but also beyond the life. The concept of this kind of membership is to collect the amount at once and deposit in bank in ‘fixed deposit’ account that has highest interest rate. Our transaction bank has offered 12% interest in such deposit which yields Rs480 as interest per year that equals more than Re1 per day. In this way, anyone can contribute one time and become a donor even after the life until the Home is existed. We are pleased to inform our well-wishers that so far more than 200 donors have contributed themselves into musthi dan and have started donating. The comments we received from the donors are very encouraging. Some say, they do not feel obliged, the others tell, there is no financial burden. Still few more whisper, how is Re1 going to contribute to materialize the project, especially, when even a cup of tea costs Rs.10-14. But the elderly people advise, the great ocean is the sum total of every droplet she contains and this is exactly what we too believe! Dear well-wishers, If you think Lions Sarvodaya Senior Citizen’s attempt is in right path, it has done something good to society in such a time of today full of selfishness, greed, materialism and never ending over ambitions, and want to become the member of musthi dan, please approach us through the corporate contact address. Thank you and best wishes! Sarvodaya family Tarkughat, Lamjung, Nepal Contact for the donation at: 98510 –34930 or 98510-20334 or 98510-33907 or 98510-30386